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Nancy House

Artist Nancy House began her creative journey at a young age exploring nature and its vast elements while growing up along the San Juan River in Colorado. Her art reflects a close relationship with nature, especially water. Nancy enjoys travel and is influenced by her experiences in Russia, China, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Nancy actively participates in the local art scene and has worked with art leagues and colleges in the greater Galveston area, teaching the art of paper maché and hand-made paper. The scope of Nancy's creativity embraces numerous media: handmade paper, photography, clay, fused glass, and wire sculpture. She currently teaches paper maché at College of the Mainland’s Lifelong Learning Program.

Ms. House is on the Board of Directors at the Galveston Art League where she serves as vice president and directs the League’s communications. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Animal Alliance of Galveston County. She is the coordinator of the Texas City Art Festival.

Nancy retired as a NASA aerospace contractor where she created public outreach materials that defined and communicated the goals and roles of our nation’s space agency. She has collaborated with professional colleagues in Russia to write four books on the effects of space flight on human physiology. In addition, she has authored/edited several books including biographies, autobiographies, and novels. Most recently, she collaborated with Pat Jakobi to write the history of the Galveston Art League, Galveston Art League: A Century of Island Art.