Featured Artist June 2017 Postoffice

                                                                     Sharon  Jones

Sharon Jones’ first experience in photography was with a disposable camera given to her by her grandmother. After having the film developed, she was hooked for life. Initially, self-taught, Sharon has continued to grow her photographer talents with online photography courses and multiple workshops learning different and new techniques. Her camera choices have evolved and she now shoots with a digital camera, and often with her iPhone 7 Plus.

Sharon experiments with editing and Mobile Art and anticipates technological advances in photography. She loves to share what she learns about photography with anyone who is interested. Sharon’s supportive husband, is her biggest champion and continually fosters her fascination with the latest film processes and methods of capturing the images she sees.Sharon is a member of the Galveston Art League, Professional Photographers of America, and the Texas Photographic Society. You may find her work exhibited at the Galveston Art League Gallery in Galveston and Texas City, Texas and The Turquoise Mushroom Gallery in Hondo, Texas.