Spring  2017 Awards Postoffice

Best of Show
Allison White, Yellow Rose
Mixed Media

1st Place Photography
Gayle Pendergrass, Hey Look
2nd Place Photography
Marcelo D'Amico, Ghost Ships

Honorable Mentions Photography
Peter Bowman, Suspended Droplets, St. Remo
Pat Jakobi, Foggy Morning Uprising
Mary Lou Darst, Flowing Sandstone
Peter Janecke, Creative Wish

1st  Place Works on Canvas or Panel
Arian Edmenson,Easter Re-Start
2nd  Place Works on Canvas
Joseph Culotta, Shorline

Honorable Mentions Works on Canvas or Panel
Fontaine Jacobs, Cancer Survivor#2 Fike
Lynn Burke, Emerald City Cafe
Annette Clark, Turquoise Shadows

Works on Paper
 William Mathisen, Waiting for a Parade
Second: Lee Johnson, Mr. Panda

Honorable Mentions:
Susan Pinkerton, Sister Downuner
Barbara Trust, Grizzly
​Lynn Burke, Muu Muu One
Mary Ann Fore, One Fine Day
Howard Keith Clark, Marsh on Stewart Road

Mixed Media Wall-Hung
First: Gregory Bergeron, Wave
Second: Mary Lou Darst, Study in Yellow, Blue and Green

Honorable Mentions:
Margaret Canavan, Deep Waters
​Nancy House, Hephaestus, God of Artisans

Works in Three Dimensions
First: Nancy House, Sailboat
Second: John Walker, Texas Two Step
Honorable Mentions:
Julie Kuckuk, Two Seasons of the Cardinal