Winter 2017 Awards Postoffice

Best of Show
Artist: Jerry Bachman 
​“Gulf Dream”

1st Place Photography
Artist: Peter Janecke
​“Coming of Age”
2nd Place Photography
Artist: Rebecah Thompson
“Check Wheels Down

Honorable Mention Photography
Lindrel  Thompson   
“Old Town Stockholm”
David F. Wykoff
Lonely Sunset”
Marcelo D'Amico
“Breathless - Gray Whale”

1st  Place Works on Canvas
 Ginger Sayles 
“Eden's Meadow”

Second Place Works on Canvas
Gay Paratore
“Crevice in the Snow”

Honorable Mention Works on Canvas
William Mathisen
Joseph  Henderson
“Fisherman's Wharf”
Joseph  Henderson
“Socha House, Galveston”
Elizabeth Allensworth George
“The Lily Pond”
Kimvak Jen
​ “Wreckage in Rough Water”

1st Place Works on Paper
Gay Paratore
“The Duesenberg”

Second Place Works on Paper
Barbara Trust
“Great Blue Plumage”

Honorable Mention Works on Paper 
Vicki Wood
Jackie Liddell 
“Barnacle Bill's Sushi”

Honorable Mention Works on Paper:
Gay Paratore, 
"Drain em Off"

1st Place Mixed Media Wall-Hung
First Place 
Stacy Gresell
“Norman: "The Shark"

Second Place Mixed Media Wall-Hung
Shey Cotton
“Rider of the Storm”

Honorable Mention Mixed Media Wall-Hung
Jackie    Liddell 
“French Market Decisions”
Lois Morton
“Archival Birds”
Lee Runion
K.C. Marks
“Bees in My Dive Helmet” 

3 D Free Standing
First Place
Frank Eader
“Segmented Vase”

Second Place3 D Free Standing
Julie Dallas  “3 Fish”

Honorable Mention 3 D Free Standing
Linda Eader
Beth Hoff
Flying Free”