Featured Artist December 2019

Sunshine Center, Tideway, & Very Special Arts

Students and clients at two local facilities serving persons with disabilities will display their works at the gallery during December. Selected works by clients/students at the facilities will be featured. A reception/member viewing party will be held on December 13.

The Transitional Learning Community (TLC) provides post-acute rehabilitation services aimed at community reentry for survivors of brain injury. TideWay is an assisted living facility providing long-term care and rehabilitation services for adult survivors of brain injury who cannot live independently.

The Sunshine Training Center offers day habilitation, community support, and supportive employment to individuals with developmental disabilities. Programs facilitate the development of skills such as decision-making, punctuality, problem-solving, following multi-step instructions, and working individually and as part of a team.

Art activities are integral to the programming for clients at each of these facilities. According to Mary Arlis Fountain, a therapeutic art specialist with TLC/TideWay, art classes at her facilities entail more than just teaching techniques but are coordinated with staff to help clients overcome physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges while making art. According to Ms. Fountain, her TLC/TideWays clients are, “...the hardest working students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching.” 

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