Featured Artist Schedule 2019 Postoffice

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​January – Lee Johnson
February – Juried Show
March –  Gay Paratore
April – Susan Venier
May – Juried Show
June – Kimvak Jen 
July – Susan Moody
August – Joe Henderson
September – Juried Show
October – Troy Knight
November -Sandra Lamoey
December – Sunshine Center, Tideway, & Very Special Arts

​January - Joe Culotta
March - Barbara Trust
April - Matt Logmann
June - Jackie Liddell
​July - Lynne Hughes

You can either mail or submit your proposal through our contact form on the Contact page if you are interested in participating in our Featured Artist program. Please submit your bio and 10 images for the web to Fontaine Jacobs prior to the month you are scheduled as a featured artist.  

Promote your artwork by being the Galveston Art League Featured Artist and show a selection of your art in exhibits during a regular, non-juried exhibition.

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