Fall  2018 Awards 6th St.

Best of Show: Works on Paper
Harlequin's Gulf Dream

Works on Paper:
First Place: Fontaine Jacobs  “Rocky Shoreline”​
Second Place:  Theresa Wrenn “Inverness”​
Honorable Mention:
FontaineJacobs  “Martinis for Two”
MardiMitchell “Kosak Warrior”

Works on Canvas/Panel :     
First Place:  James Nagel    “First Cup”​
Second Place: Don Henderson  “ Neighbor’s Next Door”​
Honorable Mention:
Carl F.Noone   “My Sanctuary”​

Works in 3D Mixed Media Wall Hung:
First Place: Nancy House  “Lady Fish”     
Second Place:  Mary Lou Darst “Diving Fish”​
Honorable Mention:
Karen Spurlock “Mrs. Bucket”
Nancy House “Dance with Me”

First Place:  Julie Chapa “Better with Age”​
Second Place: Pat Jakobi “Memorial”​
Honorable Mention:
Matt Logmann “Choices”
Matt Logmann “Beached”
Peter Bowman “Viet Goddess in Flowers”
Pat Jakobi “Ginger”

Works in 2D Mixed Media Wall Hung:

First Place: Lee Johnson “Leftovers”      
Second Place:  Karen Spurlock “Night Garden”​
Honorable Mention:
PeterBowman “Memories of the Moulin Rouge”
ArdenQuinn “Asian Trader”
Theresa Wrenn “Cottage in Fredericksburg”
​Nancy House “Transparent”

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