Promote your artwork by being the Galveston Art League Featured Artist and show a selection of your art in exhibits during a regular, non-juried exhibition.

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Members can enter up to three works each month. Shows change on the last Monday of the month, with the opening that following Thursday. When a work sells, the member may bring a replacement for the remainder of the show without an additional charge.

Get a discount on your entry fees by volunteering just 6 hours every two months!

Monthly Member Shows on Postoffice


Juried Competitions on Postoffice

Winter: February
Spring: May
Fall: September

Juried shows are not held during ArtWalk. Exact months above are subject to change depending on the ArtWalk schedule.

Featured Artist 

Click Here for the Featured Artist Guidelines

The Galveston Art League Featured Artist exhibits are held during a regular, non-juried exhibition. The Featured Artist must be a member at the professional level, in good standing, of the Galveston Art League (GAL) have been a member, at any level, of the GAL for one year prior to the exhibition have been accepted into a Galveston Art League juried exhibition within the prior two years.

The Artist must submit a proposal to the Galveston Art League Board of Directors
at least 2 weeks prior to the Board Meeting immediately preceding the exhibit.

However, proposals can be submitted up to six months in advance. The proposal
consists of:

    (a) A description of the work to be exhibited, with photographs of the proposed works
    (b) The artist’s resume

Proposals may be submitted through our proposal submission form. Proposals will remain on file by the Galveston Art League.

Acceptance will be made by the GAL Board of Directors or by a Board-appointed committee. The artist will be informed one week after the Board meeting about the decision of the Board. In the event that more than one proposal is received, the Board may opt to request that those proposals not selected at that time be exhibited at a later, specified date, without resubmitting a proposal.

For publicity we need:
A text bio in (in Word or the body of an email—not an image)
2 high resolution JPGimages of the artwork  (1000 pixels on the longest side) labeled with the artist's first name, last name and title.
A high resolution JPG image of the artist (1000 pixels on the longest side) labeled with the artist's first name, last name. 
For the web we need:
A text bio in (in Word or the body of an email—not an image)
​10 more high resolution JPG images of artwork  (1000 pixels on the longest side) labeled with the artist's first name, last name and title. A total of 12 images are posted on the web. Along with your images email a price list for the web.
All images will be posted before the month the featured artist is scheduled when these items are received at least 10 days in advance.

An opening reception is at the discretion of the Featured Artist.

Presentation Space
Hanging space are the walls to the left and right of the entry door and forward of the pillar, providing hanging space for a maximum of eight hanging pieces of work. The presentation space can be configured to accommodate the exhibit on 3-D or installation art.

The Featured Artist will
Pay the Gallery a non-refundable $100 rental fee after acceptance.

Specs for submited .jpg images
If you are able to create .jpg images of your art: 
Put the image on a CD or flash/thumb drive and bring it to changeover 
Title the IMAGE: Artistsfirstname Lastname Title of Work.jpg 
(i.e., Fontaine Jacobs White Rose.jpg) Label the CD or flash/thumb drive with the artist's name and phone #. 

CD's are non-returnable, and thumb drives will be returned to the GAL gallery after the online gallery is complete. 
Images –Any sized artwork should work as long as it is named correctly. Call Fontaine Jacobs at 832-474-2882 if you need her email address or have questions on how to submit or rename your images.

You can either mail or submit your proposal through our contact form on the Contact page if you are interested in participating in our Featured Artist program. 

Getting your images on the Web
Putting artwork on the web is a mufti-stepped process.
1. The art must be photographed and or labeled with the artist's name and title of the artwork
2. The hi resolution photos are loaded on Dropbox for publication purposes.
3. The low resolution photos are created and optimized for the web.
4. Lastly, the artwork needs to be put in a gallery and posted on the web.

It takes 4 volunteers as there are usually around 100 pieces of artwork!
The galleries, depending on the volunteers' schedule, are usually up between the 6th-8th of the month.

We try to get the galleries done as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience, Fontaine 832-474-2882​

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