GAL Framing Requirements

GAL Requirements for Installation-Ready Wall Hangings (painting, photos, collages, prints)

All pieces must meet the following criteria:

  • Be framed [except 3-D pieces] or gallery mount
  • Have edges finished [no bare canvas around sides, for instance]
  • Be hung by framing wire: 
  1. No sawtooth hangers at the top;
  2. Wire properly attached [approx. 1/3 from top; not real tight, but taut enough so that wire does not show above the top of the piece]
  • Wire secured to the frame with appropriate and adequately secured fasteners
  • Less than 140” circumference [140” or over counts as 2 pieces]
  • If over 24” in any direction, must have Plexiglas rather than glass
  • Frame in good repair; no corners that do not meet evenly, no holes or cracks unless barn wood or other aged grain
  • Glass/Plexiglas is clean
  • Make sure art work and mat are secured in frame and won’t fall out when hung

Failure to meet all of the above criteria will preclude acceptance into the GAL for display at a show [membership or juried].

Framing Do's

Finish Edges
Use Sturdy Framing Wire
Attach wire 1/3 from the top
Secure Well

Framing Don'ts  

Nix the Sawtooth hangers
Don't have a flimsy frame 
Get rid of the dirt 

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