GAL Framing Requirements

GAL Requirements for Installation-Ready Wall Hangings (painting, photos, collages, prints)

All pieces must meet the following criteria:

  • Be framed [except 3-D pieces] or gallery wrapped
  • Have edges finished [no bare canvas around sides, for instance]
  • Be hung by framing wire: 
  1. No sawtooth hangers at the top;
  2. Wire properly attached [approx. 1/3 from the top; not real tight, but taut enough so that wire does not show above the top of the piece]
  • Wire secured to the frame with appropriate and adequately secured fasteners
  • Less than 140” circumference [140” or over counts as 2 pieces]
  • Glass, plexiglass or fixative is recommended to protect watercolor—optional for oil and acrylic
  • If over 24” in any direction, must have Plexiglass rather than glass
  • Frame in good repair; no corners that do not meet evenly, no holes or cracks unless barn wood or other aged grain
  • Glass/Plexiglass is clean
  • Make sure artwork and mat are secured in a frame and won’t fall out when hung

Failure to meet all of the above criteria will preclude acceptance into the GAL for display at a show [membership or juried].

Framing Do's

Finish Edges
Use Sturdy Framing Wire
Attach wire 1/3 from the top
Secure Well

Framing Don'ts  

Nix the Sawtooth hangers
Don't have a flimsy frame 
Get rid of the dirt 

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