Featured Artist January, 2020

Joe Culotta

A beloved local Houston artist and art educator, Culotta’s work is full of power evoking raw emotion and response by its viewer.  Mr. Culotta states: “To me, art transcends and reflects the soul. Art to me is the voice of communication and said not in words,   but in visual imagery.   When I begin to create a painting it is a process of thoughtful contemplation and development through color, line, form, and texture patterns that speak to the viewer.” The artist’s domestic and international travel, matched with his formal learning in art and art education, continues to influence his talents.  Culotta’s imaginative spirit and infectious character is not limited to the canvas but can also be found as an art consultant with  Sax  Arts &  Crafts, and in workshops for artists and art educators across southeast Texas.  He has also written published articles for  Texas Outlook and Texas  Fine Arts  Commission. 

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