Featured Artist July 2018 Postoffice

Pat Jakobi

Pat Jakobi was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Redlands, she was employed as a social caseworker, a teacher, and a rural health planner as her family wandered from place to place, living in Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and rural Northern California. They settled in Galveston in 1987, where she was employed as an outreach worker, policy analyst, grants writer, and editor at UTMB. She and her husband owned The Good Tern, a nature store and gallery, from 2001-2006.  

Pat has been interested in photography almost all of her life. Her father was a photographer for the Los Angeles Times. Although he died when she was two, he left a scrapbook of Times pages with his photos and the frequently dramatic articles that accompanied them. In college she had the good fortune to study art history and art composition from an excellent teacher. Those lessons still inform her photographs today. She tries, as much as possible, to tell a story with her photographs and limits manipulations of her images to those that can be found in the equipment and chemistry of the traditional darkroom—dodging, burning, cropping, and playing with light and contrast.​

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