Featured Artist July 2019 Postoffice

Kimvak Jen

As an eight-year old, Kimvak Jen dreamed of becoming an artist. She found the beauty of nature – the awesome color of flowers, the trees, and the miracle of God's work when she studied the veins of the leaves, the carpels and petals of flowers, and the gnarly but beautiful trunks of trees. She finds nature “artistically” laid out from truns to branches to leaves to flowers.

Ms. Jen graduated with a B.A. in social science. She says, “After college graduation, making a living is one's priority in life.” She had an international import and export business, later becoming the sole agent for the Converse shoe manufacturer in China. She represented the Bank of America on Letter of Credit financing to industries in China. Currently retired, she has returned to the love of her life, art, which she says is “so satisfying and my life is filled with joy!”

Ms. Jen studied the art of Chinese brush painting with a very famous art master in Taiwan whose name is Master Liu Shi. During this period, she entered several exhibitions with her teacher. “There is a difference between workmanship and true art; to paint painstakingly exactly the same – like in the picture – is workmanship.” Ms. Jen feels that workmanship is represented by a tailor, art is exemplified by the designer; one provides workmanship and the other provides creation.

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