Featured Artist June 2018 Postoffice

                                                                     Paula G. Freeman
After being weekenders for five years, my husband and I moved to Galveston Island full time in 2016. My previous “day job” in Houston was practicing law and doing real estate asset management for a large bank. Living in Galveston has allowed me to pursue my real passion - art. We added a studio to our
small cottage, and it is full of art supplies – colored pencils, watercolor pencils, drawing pencils, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, block printing ink, reams of art paper, stamps – the mailing kind, enough to wallpaper a room – and rubber stamps and ink pads, oil pastels, crayons, glitter, paint brushes, sponges, ink and ink pens with various nibs, tape, glue, scraps of anything and everything – rusty nails, wires, buttons, glass – not to mention canvases of all shapes and sizes. I like to use many layers, incorporating a variety of mediums, including words. 
Art experience:
Since moving to Galveston, I’ve joined the Galveston Art League and have been a member for over a year, participating in the member shows, as well as having art selected for three juried shows and receiving honorable mentions for two mixed media pieces. I’ve been one of the artists with From the Heart Gallery since it’s opening in January 2017, and currently have prints hanging in Urban Home.
Currently I am working primarily in mixed media, using acrylics, and adding collage elements, ink, stamps, and whatever else I think fits the piece. I have dabbled with watercolors and have done over 500 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 collages that I’ve used for cards and framing. I like to be whimsical rather than realistic, and I generally incorporate texture and words to my pieces

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