Works cannot hang for more than 2 consecutive months, although any work may be re-entered, just not more than 2 consecutive months.

Framed art must be installation ready with mat, finished edges, cabled / wired frame (NO SAWTOOTH HANGERS OR HOOKS), glass or plexiglass, and hanging device in place where appropriate
Paintings without frames must use gallery-wrap canvas with finished edges and have cable wire on the back for hanging.
Two people must be able to easily carry or hang any work

NOTE: Works that do not meet these criteria will not be hung, even if inadvertently accepted into the show. If unable to make a scheduled pick up time, artists must arrange for someone to get the work and inform the gallery, or works become property of Galveston Art League.

Submitting Artwork for the Web Gallery.
If you would like to submit your own photo for our online gallery of work in the GAL, please submit your jpgs before the 10th of the month after changeover. 

We are asking artists – who are able – to bring .jpg images of their work to changeover or to email them to Fontaine. For her email address call 832-474-2882. 

Submitting your own photo will give us much better images than we currently have because images may need to be taken through glass. 

If you are unable to do this, no problem, we will continue to photograph the show; however, note that colors may be off and there may be reflections in the glass. ​

Specs for .jpg images
f you are able to create .jpg images of your art and/or jewelry: 
Put the image on a CD or flash/thumb drive and bring it to changeover 
Title the IMAGE: Artistsfirstname Lastname Title of Work.jpg 
(i.e., Fontaine Jacobs White Rose.jpg)

Label the CD or flash/thumb drive with the artist's name and phone #. CD's are non-returnable, and thumb drives will be returned to the GAL gallery after the online gallery is complete. 
Images –Any sized artwork should work as long as it is named correctly.  Call Fontaine Jacobs at 832-474-2882 if you need her email address or have questions on how to submit or rename your images.

Getting your images on the Web

Putting artwork on the web is a mufti-stepped process.
1. The art must be photographed and or labeled with the artist's name and title of the artwork
2. The hi resolution photos are loaded on Dropbox for publication purposes.
3. The low resolution photos are created and optimized for the web.
4. Lastly, the artwork needs to be put in a gallery and posted on the web.

It takes 4 volunteers as there are usually around 100 pieces of artwork!
The galleries, depending on the volunteers' schedule, are usually up between the 6th-8th of the month.

We try to get the galleries done as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience, Fontaine 832-474-2882

Two spaces

Measure the horizontal and vertical size, if these 2 numbers are greater than 70 inches, the art will occupy two spaces. Said another way, measure the entire circumference of your work, if that number is greater than 140 inches, the art will occupy two spaces.

Juried Shows on 6th St.

Juried Shows  ​
With much regret, the Galveston Art League Board of Directors has decided that it is in the best interests of the GAL to close the Texas City gallery as of the end of February 2019. There will be no changeover on Monday, January 7, but the gallery will be open for those who wish to pick up artwork that is in the current show. The February juried show is also cancelled. If there are questions, please send to

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