Featured Artist March 2018 Postoffice

Ariane Edmundson

Having owned 7 horses in Ethiopia, I have a compelling desire to Help Our Wild Horses in America. I attempt to help save them from the slaughterhouse and from the cruel methods used to capture them into holding pens, leaving many maimed and injured.
In this Wild Horses Series I focus on communicating how the horse is an American icon and needs our attention. The horse has been here with us since the beginning of time and has become man’s indispensable friend and companion. We’ve relied on these magnificent creatures all throughout man’s history.
 By experimenting with rough texture and vibrant paint colors, I attempt to express their struggles and their beauty. I try to convey the threat in their lives and their fragility and how they console one another. Their elegant bodies trapped in a hostile surrounding. Their body language and behavior convey deep emotion which parallel our human emotions. 
To see more examples of my work, visit ThePainterSister.com.