Sherri Harris#1 36x36 $864

N. Graham 6x3.5 $300

Julie-Chapa 18x22 $125

N. Graham 1.5 pend 18L $200

Mardi Mitchell 29x21 $250

L. Vigneault  11x14 $300

Sandy Lamoey#2 20x24 $450


Jackie Liddell 19x23 $275

M. Canavan#1 1.75L $56.00

M. Canavan#4 2.25L set $56

M. Canavan#3 1.5L $38


Sharon Jones 18X30 $150

P. Curtis 1.5x20 $125

Sharon Jones 18X24 $145

Fontaine J 25x19 $500

Janie O’Farrell 16x20 $150

Peggy Kingsbury 24x30 $1850

D. Mortenson#1 22 x 26 $195

Cheryl Henry 20X20 $350

E. Anderson#1 8x10“$200

May Member Show 2020

D. Mortenson#2 22x26 $195

Julie-Chapa 18x26 $200

Leroy LeFlore#2 14x16  $300

Morten Lamoey14x18 $180

Susan-Moody 18x24  $180

Paula Freeman 20x20 $229

Leroy LeFlore#3 14x16 SOLD

M. Canavan 2L $40.00

N. House#3 10" round $100

M. Mitchell 17x21 SOLD

Joyce Patterson 6x17x5 $500


Leroy LeFlore#1 14x16 $300

C.Grandjean 17x21 $325

M. Canavan#2 1.75L $38 

Sharon Jones 24X32-$185

Now you can purchase from other shows with the links below

March Show

 June Show

Patricia Curtis#1 1x2 $30

Mary Vinnedge#2 12.5X14 $75

Cheryl Henry 18X24 $395 

Joyce Patterson 4x12x6 $475

K. Calhoun#3 19x34 $575

Billie Rinaldi 22”x28”$1200

Patricia Curtis#3 .75 x2.75 $35

E. Anderson#2 8x10 $200

C. Grandjean 17x21 $400

Mary Vinnedge 26X32 $300

K. Calhoun#1 19x34 $575

J.Patterson 4x12x10 $400

M. Canavan 18L set $75.

Mardi Mitchell 17x21 $75

SandyLamoey 21x17 $250

E. Anderson#3 8x10 $200

Pat Jakobi 17x20 SOLD

Peggy Kingsbury 18x18 $625

M. Canavan#5 1.5L SOLD

Pat Jakobi 13x16 $100

C. Grandjean 22x28 $300

Leroy LeFlore 15x18 $300

Julie-Chapa 18x22 $150

Molly Slack 18L set $295

Jackie Liddell 24x30 P SOLD

N. Graham 7x4.5 $350

Mary Vinnedge#1 14X17 $75



Patricia Curtis#2 1x2.5 $35

Sherri Harris#3 24x24 $395

L. Vigneault 16x22 $225

Jerrolyn Travers#3 20x16 $250

Sherri Harris#2 24x24 $395

D. Mortenson#3 18x22 $145

Fontaine J 16x20 13 $300 


Artist Name & Price
Person buying the artwork

Janie O’Farrell#1 25x25 $250

Janie O’Farrell#2 25x25 $250

Molly Slack 18L set $255

Sandy Lamoey#1 24x36 $450

Dianne Owen 20x26 $625

Fontaine J 25 x19 $375

L. Vigneault 11x14 $145


Dianne Owen16x20 $495

Morten Lamoey13x16 $150

Pat Jakobi 14x18 $75

P. Curtis#5 .25-x 2  SOLD

Sharon Worley 30x40  $1000

Patricia Curtis#4 .25-x 3 $35

Cheryl Henry 16X20 $350

Paula Freeman 12x12 $129

P. Curtis 625x2.5 $35

Peggy Kingsbury 14x17 $525

S. Worley#1 24x36 $800

Participating Artists
Elizabeth (Bets) Anderson, Karen Calhoun, Margaret Canavan, Julie Chapa, Patricia Curtis, Paula Freeman, 
Nancy Graham, Cynthia Grandjean, Sherri Harris, Cheryl Henry, Nancy House, Fontaine Jacobs, 
Pat Jakobi, Sharon Jones, Peggy Kingsbury, Morten Lamoey, Sandy Lamoey, Leroy LeFlore, Jackie  Liddell,
 Mardi Mitchell, Susan Moody, David Mortenson, Janie O’Farrell, Dianne Owen, Joyce Patterson, 
Billie Rinaldi, Molly Slack, Jerrolyn Travers, Lorrie Vigneault, Mary Vinnedge, Sharon Worley


Billie Rinaldi 12x16“$175

Sharon Worley#2 24x36 $800

Paula Freeman 20x24 $250

Morten Lamoey  20x28 $350

J Travers#2 20x24 $250

Jackie Liddell 14x20 AP $99

K. Calhoun#2 19x34 $575

The art pictured is for sale. Use the contact form on our website or email for details. 
Scroll down to see all of the art. To purchase online use the PayPal button below. If you have questions about the PayPal button, call Fontaine at 832 474-2882. Click on the image for a full view of the work.

The measurements given are outer dimensions of the frame or mat. L= Length, P=Print (Giclee), AP= Aluminum Print.
​If an artist has duplicate prices, include #1, #2 or #3 after the name when purchasing

Patricia Curtis#6 .25-x 2 $35

Jerrolyn Travers#1 20x24 $250

Dianne Owen16x20 $525

P. Curtis#7 1-x-2 SOLD

Billie Rinaldi 20x20 $200

N. House#2 11.5x42 $100

Nancy House#116x20 $225

M. Canavan#6 1.5 L $38

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