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Featured Artist October 2019

Troy Knight

 My interest in photography began when I was 18 years old and stationed in Korea 17 miles from the DMZ.   Having absolutely nothing to do, I decided to purchase a camera from the PX and take snapshots of my new and very unfamiliar environment.  Luckily, I purchased a Kodak Signet 80 which was a great choice for a rank beginner. The Korean landscape was bleak, the faces of my buddies were sad and the Koreans were living in desperate times and my black and white photos reflected all of these aspects of my army life.  Happily, I left army life and became a civilian where my life was more traditional and my photos were of new babies, new cars, new houses, birthdays, and all those wonderful experiences that make life rich and full.  Albums were filled with pictures from that trusty Kodak.  I never had any training,  but managed to take a few classes taught by members of the community and my interest in photography continued to grow.  As I had the opportunity to travel more my camera inventory increased.  I traded in the now defunct Kodak for a larger and more up to date model, bought more lens, moved from film to digital and finally realized that the camera could be an artistic tool and not just an instrument to record family activities.   After a visit to the Galveston Art Gallery, I decided that the time had come to show some of my photos.  Not realizing what I was doing, I entered a juried show and two of my entries made the show and one of the photos earned a ribbon. This experience opened a new world to me.  Now more leisure time allows me to use my camera every day to capture the essence of a culture, the spirit of a landscape and the heart of a story.  My camera is always close at hand and it is a joy to know that some of my pictures have emotionally touched others and are now in their homes, that I get to share the story of these photos with others and that I get to continue to grow as a photographer. 











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