Volunteers are asked to work the gallery from 12-6 pm. If you are unable to work a 6 hour shift, it is your responsibility to get someone to partner with you on that day. If you want to know who is working on a particular day, click on the time to see the calendar entry. You can also view this calendar by Week Month or Agenda.


​GAL MEMBERS Scroll down to see the Volunteer Calendar
Meet your volunteer requirements by staffing the gallery 6 hours every two months. Scheduled gallery hours are 12 noon to 6 PM Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

​There are 3 ways to schedule your volunteer time:

• Call Lorraine Martin– 832.755.4587
• Fill out the form below to notify Lorraine you can work or
• SIgn up on the volunteer calendar at the gallery—if you do this please also call or e-mail Lorraine.

You will be notified when your name has been received and placed on the permanent calendar.
If circumstances keep you from meeting your scheduled time, please find a replacement and notify Lorraine.
If you are unable to work the entire 6 hours, it is your responsibility to get someone to partner with you.
If you want to know who is working on a particular day, scroll down to the calendar and click on the date to see the calendar entry.

If you have not yet covered the gallery, but would like to get started, please contact Lorraine, or use the submission form below to request an orientation session.

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Keep Our Volunteer Calendar Full!

The Gallery is staffed with member volunteers from 12-6pm Thursday- Sunday.

You can view our
volunteer calendar at the bottom of this page. If a date is blank the gallery may be closed.

Please call Lorraine Martin 832.755.4587  if you would like to volunteer on a specific date, or fill out the form to the right and hit the submit button.

Keep our volunteer calendar full and our customers happy!

Volunteer Perks.

Volunteering 6 hours every 2 months qualifies you for the regular changeover fee of $35.00 for 3 pieces meeting the circumference requirement of 140 inches or less.

(Non-volunteers pay double.)

Entry Fees
Get a 50% discount on your entry fees by volunteering just 6 hours every two months! 
Volunteers pay $15 for the first and second, $5 for the third. 
Non-volunteers pay $30 for the first and second, $10 for the third.Help

Get 10% off @ MOD Coffee House. (Everything there Rocks!)

Network with local artist and art collectors!

Be the Artist of the Day.
Bring extra artwork to display at the gallery entrance)

This is a great way to learn how to run an art gallery

Bring an Artist Bio with sample photos of your
artwork along with Business Cards
to place in our Artist Notebook so other volunteers can network for you even when you're not there)

For more info on becoming a Galveston Art League Volunteer