Winter 2019 Awards Postoffice

January 31 to February 24, 2019
Juror: Dr. Anne Franklin
173 Entries 114 Accepted in to Show
Best of Show: 
Leroy Le Flore
“Seawall Pelicans at Mardi Gras”

Works in 3D:
23 Entries 18 Accepted
Eric Moorehead
“Live Edge Burl Bowl” 
Second Place:
Becky LeBus Jolin
“Ursus Polaris as the FirstPope”
Honorable Mention: 
Marilynn Huston 
“The Christmas Bell Ringer”                                  
Marsha Krohn
Becky LeBus Jolin
“The Juggler” 

Works on Paper:
First Place: Gay Paratore
“Black Hawk 24”
Second Place: Dianne Owen
Honorable Mention:
Jerry Bachman
“Gulf Melody”
Annika Farmer
“Sunflower Bouquet” 
Susan Pinkerton
“Beach Discovery”
Fontaine Jacobs 
“Weathered Wood”

Works on Canvas/Panel:
46 Entries 32 Accepted
First Place:  
Lynn T. Thibodeaux “Sea Turtle” 
Second Place: Ariane Edmundson
“Olive Branch”
Jerry Bachman “Rhapsody”
Barbara Trust “Prickly Pear – I”
Jesse Sifuentes “Row House”
Leroy LeFlore  “Feeding Time at an Island Ranch”
Joe Henderson “Bubba John”
Cheryl Sanders Henry   “King Strut”

Works in Mixed Media Wall Hung:
31 Entries 15 Accepted
First Place:
Jackie Liddell “Silent Meditation” Second Place: Sandy Lamoey
“Ancient Abyss”
Honorable Mention: 
Jackie Liddell “Finish Line”
Sandy Lamoey “Ice & Mind”
Gay Paratore  “Sweet Cherry Lips”

46 Entries 30 Accepted
First Place:
LynneHughes  “Abstract Parrot” 
Second Place:
Matt Logmann  “Rope Reflection” 
Pat Jakobi “Umbrella Alley”
Rebecah Thompson “Abandoned”
Kari Schmidt-Pukropski    “Black Reflections”
Morten Lamoey    “The Treasure, Petra”
Lynn T. Thibodeaux “Caribbean Treasures”
Larry Parks “Ooops - A Fish Tale”

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