Winter 2018 Awards Postoffice

Best of Show
Leroy LeFlore
“Pelicans on Parade”

1st Place Photography
First Place:  Rebecah Thompson 
“Dreamy NYC”
Second Place: Lynne Hughes 
“Elegant Egrets”
Honorable Mention:
Lindrel Thompson 
“Horseshoe Bay”
Rebecah Thompson
“At the Box Office
​”Peter Janecke “Juxtaposed”

Honorable Mention Photography
Lindrel  Thompson   
“Old Town Stockholm”
David F. Wykoff
Lonely Sunset”
Marcelo D'Amico
“Breathless - Gray Whale”

Works on Canvas/Panel
First Place:   Amy Faggard  
“Untitled #1”
Second Place: Joseph Henderson  
“Sacred Heart”
Honorable Mention:
Amy Faggard  “Drapery Study #1
Barbara Trust  “Three Pears”
Joseph Henderson “Galveston Cottage”
Julie Howie  “ Herd Mentality”
Roberta Gundlach  “Docked”
Shirley Lavine “Docked”
Carl F. Noone  “The Cleric”

1st Place Works on Paper
First Place: Gay Paratore   
“Texas Hero’s Monument”             
Second Place:  Susan Pinkerton   
“Evening at the Marina” 
Honorable Mention:
Oris Virgil
“Harvest Moon Regatta”
Dianne Owen
“ Peace and Lovey”
Dianne Owen
“Monumental June in Galveston”
Susan Venier
“Grand Canyon Sunset”
Keith Clark
“Galveston Island – Mid Winter”

Works in 2D Media Wall-Hung
First Place: Suzanne Seiler  
Second Place:  Leona Pleasant 
“Mixed Spirits”
Honorable Mention:
Barbara Anderson   “Cat”
​Gay Paratore   “Dinner is Severed”

3 D Free Standing
First Place:  Karston Pukropski   
“Espada – 1,407 Pieces”
Second Place:  Julie Goodfriend Dallas   “Seaside Treasure Bowl”