Winter 2020 Awards

February 1, 2020 
Juror: Diane Brahm
150 entries, 128 accepted​
Best of Show: 
Leroy Le Flore
“Pelican Mardi Gras”

Works in 3D:
23 Entries 23 Accepted
Janet Bodin,  Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Second: Nancy Graham, Branching Out #4
Honorable Mentions:
Karsten Pukropski, Melara
Cathie Schaet,  Eva Garden
 Julie Goodfriend Dallas, Spirit of the Horse
 Joyce Patterson,   Christmas in Texas
Marilynn Huston,  Ralph                         
Eric   Moorehead,  Apple Burl/Mica Resin Bowl

Works on Paper:
31 Entries,  26 accepted
First: Mardi Mitchell, Winter
Jerry Bachman, Beach Ball Sisters
Honorable Mentions:
Dianne  Owen ,  When the Trees Become the Sky
Jackie    Liddell,  Divine Vision
Leroy     LeFlore,  Chicks on the Seawall
Oris   Virgil,  Taqueria
Susan  Pinkerton, Valley Rain
Mardi  Mitchell ,   Winter 2
Elizabeth  Anderson,   My Getaway 

Works on Canvas/Panel:
46 Entries 34 Accepted
Joe Santini, Trinity
Amy Faggard, Petunias on Parade
Honorable Mentions:
Autumn Vann ,  Still Age
Julia Ashe Richmond, Wrapped in Gold
Jerry   Bachman, Beach Ball Ballet
Annika Farmer,   Sitting on Rock Bottom
Leroy LeFlore,  Butterfly Regatta
Peggy Kingsbury,  Window Light
Joseph Henderson,   Entry Into Galvez Town (Triptych)

Works in Mixed Media Wall Hung:
15 entries, 15 accepted
First Place:
Jackie Liddell, Compass Rose
Second: Lois Morton, Texas Tundra
Honorable Mentions:
Brenda McDougall,  Blue Herons Sunset
Jackie Liddell, Green Goddess
Leona Pleasant,  Night Floral 
Don Henderson,  Wall Graffiti at Terminal II

39 entries, 30 accepted​
First: Julie Chapa,  Pensive in Peach
Glennda Rassin, Women on the Holy River Ganges
Honorable Mentions:
Kari Schmidt,  The Frog
Monica Parks,  Mission Bells
Mary Lou Darst,  Blended Ecuadorian Harmonies
Alia Benavides, Martini
David R. Mortenson,  Square Arches
Glennda Rassin,  Burmese Water Gatherers
Morten Lamoey,  Melancholic Gull

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